A trip to the North

After all the Christmas activities it was back on the road the next day to visit our friends, Nico and Erin, up in the North. It sounds a lot further away than it… Continue reading

An Irish Christmas

Completely exhausted after our Turkish travels we had no choice but to take it easy for Christmas. In true Mike and Nats style we had to get some last minute Christmas shopping done… Continue reading

Turkish Dreams – Part 5

Today was our last day in Istanbul so we decided to try visit the remaining museums on our museum card. First stop – Yildiz Palace. We probably wouldn’t normally have chosen to visit… Continue reading

Turkish Dreams – Part 4

We couldn’t just jump right into our tourist activities today. Today we had to mentally prepare. Today we tackled Topkapi Palace. The 700 000 square metre Topkapi Palace. Mental preparation wasn’t enough. We… Continue reading

Turkish Dreams – Part 3

Unfortunately Mike got a terrible migraine in the middle of the night so our morning was spent indoors with the curtains closed. By lunch he was feeling a bit better (thanks to some… Continue reading

Turkish Dreams – Part 2

In order to get to the Sultanhamet tram stop we had to walk through the old Hipodrome where the chariot races took place. This used to be the focus of the city but… Continue reading

Turkish Dreams – Part 1

Before I get to the interesting part of Istanbul, here is a quick tip for people traveling there in the near future. Mike and I tried to book our Turkey visas online to… Continue reading

Living like Royalty

Excited for the day ahead we quickly packed the car, filled up the flask of coffee and headed on our way. Our guide for the adventure was the GPS named Jemima. Jemima is… Continue reading

Carlingford and a Christmas Tree

Day two in Ireland brought with it the infamous Irish weather – cold, rain and wind! Unfortunately you never know how long that weather is going to last for so you just have… Continue reading

An introduction to Ireland

The Irish a have a reputation of being the friendliest bunch in the world but my arrival wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. Being pulled aside at border control and interrogated for half an hour… Continue reading

  • Nats arrives in Ireland

    Touch DownDecember 13th, 2013
    Nats meets the Emerald Isle
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